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Your home is spotless and ready for your guests or relatives to arrive. Then again, maybe it isn’t. If you have not thought about cleaning air ducts, there is still grime, dirt and dust hiding out. You need professional air duct cleaning from Kingwood Carpet Cleaning. Though your home may appear clean, viruses and allergens can thrive in this hidden filth and blow all over your home when the air kicks on. If you live in Kingwood, Texas, you owe it to your health to give us a call.

Air Duct Cleaning
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Kingwood Carpet Cleaning Clears Hidden Filth In Ducts And Furnace

Along with air duct cleaning, you should consider our furnace cleaning service. Kingwood Carpet Cleaning will complete a full inspection and cleaning for you. This includes filter, blower and heat exchange. You will want to call us before the Kingwood, Texas, winter starts to hit. Although temperatures on average usually do not go lower than 32 degrees F, if you plan to use the heat at all, make sure to have air duct cleaning first.

Choose Kingwood Carpet Cleaning For Quality Duct Cleaning

If you live in or near Kingwood, Texas, we should be your first choice for air duct cleaners. Our certified, professional air duct cleaning service has years of experience behind it. There is no risk, because we offer a free estimate on our work before we start. In our estimate, we will let you know exactly what work we will be doing, an idea of how long it will take, and a close approximate of the cost.

Air vent cleaning can involve use of chemicals that help prevent bacterial growth. At Kingwood Carpet Cleaning, we know that people may have certain sensitivity to a particular chemical. In this case, we are happy to have you look at all chemicals and treatments we will use to ensure that your experience with air duct cleaning is not harmful to your or your family.