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Did you know that just by being in the same house as a person, your sofa or couch is slowly gaining weight over time? The reason is a good argument for upholstery cleaning. You and those you live with are the cause. Your dead skin cells flake off at a rate of about an ounce every five weeks. A portion of that gets stuck in the fibers. Skin oils and hair also get stuck. Sofa cleaning services from Kingwood Carpet Cleaning is probably sounding like a good idea right now, yes?

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Another good reason for our couch cleaning service to homes and businesses in Kingwood, Texas, are that more than your skin is infused in your couch. There are also the creatures that eat the old skin – dust mites. About 10 percent of the weight of just a two-year-old pillow is dead mites. Ohio State University found that a mattress can have between 100,000 and 10 million mites inside. That’s not a couch, but it does give a clear idea why upholstery cleaning is important.

Professional Cleaning from Kingwood Carpet Cleaning Helps Personal Health

If you don’t get professional furniture cleaning from Kingwood Carpet Cleaning for appearance, you need our upholstery cleaning service for health. Fabric can hold allergens such as pollen or pet fur. Skin irritants can cause rashes or hives. If you live in Kingwood, Texas, call us for a professional cleaning. Your furniture and your health will thank you.

If you decide you need upholstery steam cleaners, make sure you choose certified pros like those at Kingwood Carpet Cleaning. By trying upholstery cleaning on your own, you risk causing more damage than benefit. Using the wrong technique, the wrong cleaners, or leaving moisture in the fabric can hurt the furniture material. It may also harbor bacteria or just grind in soil deeper.